What challenges face people in the communities and marine enterprises along the Norwegian coast? What are the possibilities and how does the future look?

To find answers, we are taking the pulse of coastal Norway and the people who live there. In 2019, we visit cities and towns from Longyearbyen in the north to Kristiansand in the south. We want the whole coast to join the conversation about sustainable blue economy.

Why? Norway is an ambitious maritime nation whose goal is to maximise total value creation and employment in ocean-based business. Through the 'Kystpuls' project, we want to bring together national and local representatives from the business community, authorities, higher educational institutions and schools. Together, we will discuss how Norway can live of a healthy sea, harvest sustainably, create jobs, and restructure successfully. Input from these conversations will form the basis for a report to be presented in 2020.

See you along the coast!