Director Jan-Gunnar Winther and CEO of REV Ocean, Nina Jensen, just signed an agreement to fight plastic pollution in the Arctic. Photo: Therese Rist

– The cooperation is very positive for the centre, both because we deliver on our mission to trigger public-private partnership, and at the same time strengthen our resource base in a start-up phase.

This is what director Jan-Gunnar Winther said on 27 February when he signed a cooperation agreement with REV Ocean in Tromsø. Through the agreement, the parties will develop solutions related to marine plastic litter in the Arctic. The agreement also entails an annual transfer from REV Ocean to the centre for NOK 1.5 million over four years.

– The Centre for the Ocean and the Arctic will use this contribution to hire an expert on plastic litter in the ocean. The new position will be established in Tromsø, and will promote a knowledge-based and solution-oriented debate on the theme, says Winther.

Nina Jensen, CEO of REV Ocean, is also very pleased with this development.

– The amount of plastic waste is increasing rapidly in the once untouched nature of the Arctic. REV Ocean’s ambition is to work with partners and jointly increase knowledge and find solutions to this critical problem. We are happy to cooperate with the Centre for the Ocean and the Arctic, and to work together on our common goals: clean and rich seas in the Arctic and the rest of the world, says Jensen.

As part of the agreement, the Centre for the Ocean and the Arctic will also develop a concept where the new research vessel REV is used as a platform for network building, outreach and study trips.

– To communicate opportunities and challenges to decision makers while seeing things first hand is a very effective tool. This will be an important communication arena in line with our mandate, and we look forward to communicating new knowledge about the sea, at sea, says Winther.